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Canadian Solar Inc, founded 2001 in Toronto, is one of the world's leading Tier One solar panel manufacturers with an expected production capacity of 6GW in 2016 putting them securely in the world's top 5 manufacturers. Through quality and reliability the company has set itself apart from the competition and has provided premium quality solar products since its inception.

Canadian Solar operates three state-of-the-art PV research centres for cells, modules and systems in both Canada and China. Canadian Solar’s total project pipeline is now 9 GW, including an increase in the late-stage project pipeline to 2.4 GW. This translates into more than 10 GW of panel shipments, or 30 million PV modules, in the past 14 years.

Canadian Solar Inc deliver industry leading high efficiency solar cells, solar modules, solar power systems and off grid solar power application solutions. It's PV panels have been so thoroughly tested and proven under harsh conditions that Canadian Solar offer a 25-year warranty with confidence. Canadian Solar customers can have peace of mind knowing they are dealing with a highly ranked, bankable and reliable company.

If you would like to find out more about Canadian Solar, you can view their website here 

Segen has stock of a range of Canadian Solar modules available for immediate shipment.

Listed below are all the products supplied by Segen.

Product codeCategoriesName
CS6P-265PCanadian Solar, Polycrystalline, PV PanelCanadian Solar 265W Poly
CS6P-265P-26Canadian Solar, Complete Pallet Purchase, PV PanelCanadian Solar 265W Poly (Pallet of 26)
CS6K-275M-ABCanadian Solar, Monocrystalline, PV PanelCanadian Solar 275W Mono K All Black
CS6K-280M-ABCanadian Solar, Monocrystalline, PV PanelCanadian Solar 280W Mono K All Black
CS6K-295MS-ABCanadian Solar, Monocrystalline, PV PanelCanadian Solar 295W Mono PERC All Black
CS6K-300MS-BFCanadian Solar, Monocrystalline, PV PanelCanadian Solar 300W Mono PERC Black frame
CS6K-305MS-BFCanadian Solar, Monocrystalline, PV PanelCanadian Solar 305W Mono PERC Black frame
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