Jinko 300W Eagle Mono PERC MAXIM Cell Optimised Smart Silver Frame

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MONO CRYSTALLINE PERC silver frame MODULE  Maxim Power Optimised


Output-Voltage Limiting

Integrated Maxim chip can limit output Voltage and Current – even in the coldest conditions the module will never produce more than 35V DC –LONGER even up to 28 modules STRINGS POSSIBLE! (depending on inverter!)

Built-in Cell Optimizer

No additional electronics or hardware required; allows for simple installation –OPTIMISATION WORKS WITH ANY INVERTER BRAND!

Shade Tolerance

MPPT on individual cell-strings optimizes energy harvest –3X BUILT-IN OPTIMISERS PER MODULE!


Please note this module has silver frame and white back sheet. 

Find out how the Maxim Integrated Jinko solar module works with this free download:

Download the Jinko MX white paper and learn about Maxim Integrated modules