Pair of isolating ball valves 1 includes built in integral strainer

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Using the Filterball with your installations allows for greater protection of heat exchangers by stopping dirt and debris entering the heat pump. Stopping general debris in to the heat pump can stop low flows across the heat exchanger, which allows the heat pump to remain as efficient as possible. It has numerous great features, such as:

  • Isolation and straining in one single unit – which eliminates the need for separate isolating valves required with traditional “Y” type strainers
  • Stainless steel mesh strainer which offers protection for the heat exchanger, from dirt and debris which can cause low flows across the heat exchanger, allowing the heat pump to remain as efficient as possible.
  • Single unit reduces installation space, time, number of connections and therefore costs compared with traditional products
  • Requires no draining down of the system for maintenance
  • Reduces the amount of air inserted into the system whilst being maintained
  • Easy to fit and maintain

 The long term time, cost and energy savings are substantial, which are benefits that shouldn’t be ignored.

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